Browser Plugins

Search plugins can easily be added to OpenSearch compatible browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 7-9 and Chrome. This allows you to quickly specify individual search engines without navigating to the page.

These plugins are installed via a simple click and allow you to search sites such as the Google Art Project, NGA Washington, Prado Online collection etc.

nb. Firefox users are encouraged to use the wonderful Add to Search Bar extension - it allows you to add almost any search engine to Firefox with a simple right-click.

Here is how it looks in Firefox - the installed search engines on the right can be quickly selected - simply type in your search item and it will find that item in the selected search engine. The example below shows how Bruegel's Dutch Proverbs was quickly located at the Google Art Project site, which presently does not have a built in search function.

A search engine plugin can be created for almost any open or closed search engine, provided you have access.

If you would like a specific art/history search engine added to the list of plugins, you are encouraged to submit a request to

The plugins created so far can be viewed and installed here (via mozilla developers Mycroft Project).